We are looking for majority stakes in companies where we can achieve rewarding premium growth and we deploy prudent levels of debt. We focus on different sectors in order to diversify the portfolio of the companies in which we invest.

Financing and Investment Strategy

We provide financial and investment solutions to enterprises with high growth potential and exploit the opportunities that appear at the different stages of enterprise development – starting from the support of companies in their early stage of development, up to carrying out financial or operational support to fast growing projects.

Our effectiveness results from the careful selection of projects and early identification of their strategic growth paths, as well as the from the involvement and close cooperation of our experts with other shareholders and management team during the consistent implementation of jointly adopted strategies. This approach results in a constant increase in the scale of operations and the market value of companies in which we have invested or financially supported.

Financing and Investment Criteria

Key characteristics that we seek in target companies mostly will include the following factors:

  • Significant addressable model with market opportunity
  • Revenue and profit growth or transformation potential
  • A capable management teams with a credible plan 
  • Potential for returns on invested capital or provided financing
  • Clear exit strategies for realizing returns or return of provided financing
  • Head office in Central European countries if at “same-day travel” distance from our Malta office
  • Equity involvement with 2 – 10 years investment horizon.