Investments / Advisory

Wise Holding Limited diversify the portfolio of companies by investing in different sectors, in promising small and medium businesses, which can bring rewarding premium growth.

Krown Polska sp. z o.o. (  

The market leader in the anti-rust protection industry in Poland, owning a chain of service centres, which provide services for individual clients as well as for companies that have large fleets of commercial vehicles and provides supports to their maintenance departments that are responsible for the technical condition of vehicles and machines. 

Initial investment: 2016

Exit: Expected exit 2021

Region: Poland

Head office: Warsaw, Poland

FW Raks sp. z o.o. 

Equity investment in wind farm project with a capacity of 25 MW located in Drohiczyn, Poland with estimated production capacity of 60 GWh annually.

Initial investment: 2015

Exit: Expected exit 2020

Region: Poland

Head office: Warsaw, Poland

BP Logistic Development sp. z o.o. 

The investment will be used to develop Poland into a gateway for the trade supply chains between European and Asian countries within Silk Road Belt initiative. Its central location at the heart of the European continent gives Poland strong advantages in the competition to be the gravity point for logistics and distribution covering CEE and APAC regions. 

The project covers development of a multifunction logistic hub composed of international railway and trucking cargo logistic centre, accompanied by airport terminals, warehouses, exhibition, entertainment centre and offices buildings meeting the highest technical specifications.

Initial investment: 2017

Exit: Expected exit 2025

Region: Poland

Head office: Biała Podlaska, Poland


Completed projects:

Bitco sp. z o.o. 

Providing strategic and operational advisory to a venture operating in the sector of sugar beet and sugar cane cultivation. As appointed advisor we have been responsible for establishing a cooperation with sugar factories which lead to increasing sale performance and profitability of venture.

Year of advisory: 2015

Region: Poland

Head office: Warsaw, Poland

Mining industry (due to provisions of NDA we are not allowed to disclose business name thereof)

Providing capital raising advisory to a venture established in Philippines for searching for mineral deposits such as copper, silver and gold. Wise Holding was responsible for advising on the optimum corporate financing structure, taking into account the client’s historical and projected operating results, shareholder/management needs and investor requirements.

Year of advisory: 2015

Region: Philippines