Wise Holding Limited is a Malta-based independent privately held investment management firm established in 2014, that is focused on providing financial support and investment solutions to small and mid-sized business ventures with high grow potential.

Since its inception to date, we have been focusing on investments in companies operating in CEE region, which we identify as the most promising part of UE area. Wise Holding differs from a typical private equity firm because we manage and invest our own capital and do not have limited partners whose varying interests can weigh on the investment process. Strong leadership and experienced, committed associates enable Wise Holding to meet industry expectations and successfully perform all investment related activities including negotiations, risk management, strategic advisory and structured financing. 

Apart from investment activities we also provide ongoing operational and strategic support for active investment projects and pre-investment financing solutions secured by call options executable on previously agreed terms. 

What makes us different:

FLEXIBILITY: We can offer an individual and tailored advisory or investment solutions that are scalable in line with business needs. 

RANGE: We think globally and do not focus on specific market sectors.

KNOWLEDGE: We are supported by independent experts who understand the local market and all its associated legal, financial and regulatory compliance requirements.